7 things you can do if he leaves you on… “read”!

7 things you can do if he leaves you on… “read”!

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you when you play with someone like escorts Athens or generally go out is to text them and he leaves you on read or worse yet do something for centuries to respond. But how not to get angry and not get into thoughts afterwards, when you are in a good mood to start a conversation or to mention one fact and the other is just… worthless ?! Because it is about discrediting, when it constantly leaves your messages unanswered. To understand that one time he was busy, the second also, let alone the third. But when this happens all the time, then we are no longer talking about a random event.

In the first place, you should not blame yourself. That’s what? Was the message misspelled and the master had nothing to answer? Obviously he does not play such a thing. But because it is a little difficult to handle the situation that he leaves you on read without exaggerating, gather your doubts and follow the following:

1. Put the phone down

I know you’re one step closer to sending him a second or even a third message, but it really is not the best move you can make, so keep your hands off the keys! You are neither desperate nor do you want any hysteria to pass you by. And can I tell you something? Don’t even beg him to answer you. Your indifference is the best message you could send him. Either he will make some effort or the issue will end here, because you have exhausted yours. His choice.

2. Give him some time, you never know what might have happened

I will do the devil’s advocate for a while. What if the man really had some obligations lately, some surprises that did not give him time to respond or even the appetite to do so, so he preferred to leave you on read? Definitely not the best, but it can play a personal issue, which he does not want to share with you and thus avoid you. For a little search.

3. What if this is his style to leave you on read?

Continuing in the same mood, clearly most out there are with a mobile phone in hand 24/7, but there are those who do not have the best relationship with this “dodge” and prefer face-to-face communication. So if he is one of them? Has it ever occurred to you that messages may not be his burden? Now I think so. All you have to do, then, is to find out if this is really such a person and that nothing else is going on and to decide if your relationship has a future even so or if you are not satisfied with such behavior.

4. In the meantime, do not dry over the cell phone

How much energy we consume and how many hours we lose in such small things, is not said! So to clear your mind a little, make sure you do something else (you have so much), take your thoughts from the so-called and at the same time escape the temptation to send him. Letting your head calm down on this issue will help you to see things more clearly and calmly later.

5. Ask for audio’s help

A third opinion can always shed some light on the tunnel. If you have at least one acquaintance, who is a person of trust and knows the other well, there is no reason not to ask. Since there is something between you and his behavior is admittedly strange, you have every right to wonder and want to know if he is well at least. Even putting third parties in the game.

6. If the situation is no longer going well, ask him why he leaves you on read

“What’s the phase?” as escorts say. It makes the most sense to be indignant with the Scottish shower he gives you and to take them with his unanswered messages, so it is natural and at some point to ask for explanations. I imagine, after all, that there will always be a reason for doing this. Discuss it as early as possible, before you get rid of it all and send your kisses!

7. Whatever you give, you take

You do not answer, I do not answer. This is the best way to handle such a situation and to understand how the other person sees it. That is, to test his reaction with something he does to you and to act accordingly. If he is surprised by his own left on “read” or why you spent so many hours answering, then it means that with discussion something can be done. If he doesn’t even get it right, my girl… why are you still dealing with him?

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